Hopping Mad

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A simple but addictive little thing this. It's a self-confessed cutie, in which you control a set of four bouncing balls travelling across a horizontally scrolling Wonderboyesque landscape. Your balls bounce one at a time in a wave pattern (oo-er) and your job is to lead them safely through the landscape, particularly avoiding hazards like hedgehogs, cactii, bumble bees, eagles, sharp rocks and venus fly traps. Blimey! You eat apples for energy and pop any balloons you come across - get ten of the blighters and you're sproinged up to the next level. It's one of those games that, despite only workmanlike graphics, is as addictive as anything - dead easy to get into and almost impossible to put down. You can slow down the forward movement of your inflatable chums, but you can't stop it, so when you've more than one hazard coming at you at once, you're in big trouble, matey. * Numerous levels, * Colourful cartoon graphics, * Legions of enemies, * Joystick or keyboard control

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